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OceanReef Full Face Mask & UW Comms

Full Face Mask is mostly known as part of the Search & Rescue / Public Safety Diving teams very important equipment.

But the times are changing. Let’s remember that Nitrox (Enriched Air Nitrox) was not very welcomed in its conception to the recreational diving market many years ago.

And now… EANx is one of the most recommended and appreciated course, and has very good reasons.

T101® is highly recommending the OceanReef products, due to quality and reliability, service and available training for recreational & technical scuba diving market. And easy to use!

Advantages of diving with OceanReef Integrated Diving Mask (IDM):

  • Possibility to fully voice communicating with your buddy, buddies and surface support,
  • Keeps face warm in cold water,
  • Wide view field,
  • Full face protection in (suspected) contaminated waters,
  • Nitrox ready,
  • Great tool for scientific & archaeological divers and especially for movie producers,
  • Excellent for technical support divers,
  • Quick connect in switching multiple gases,
  • Great tool for disabled divers who cannot use hands for communication,

and more!

For information and training on Sport & Technical diving using OceanReef IDM & UW Comms, contact us.

T101® is accredited:

SDI/TDI Dive Center,

ANDI Training Facility & DDI Dive Center

Stay safe!


SDI Instructor: Full Face Mask, Scubility etc

TDI Instructor

ERDI Diver