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Tmx Master Class, -155m and more…

From the website of Team Blue Immersion – Dahab Divers Technical:

-75, -100, -125, -155. TMX Master, Adv Nitrox, IDM

June 16, 2013
Deep Diving Bonanza @ Dahab Divers Tech and TBI!!!


-125 meter plan executed this week
This week (and the next) is mixed gas heaven for all. Katherine and Costa is taking the Trimix Master Class and been preparing using double 20l steel tanks and 5 deco cylinders. Their dive series after 10 or so hours of shallow water drills is 75 meter (completed today with 60 meter vis in the Blue hole) followed by 110 meters (18th), 125 meters (20th) and final dive 140 meters (22nd).

Team Algeria with Mares and Cressi Distributor Aly and Khaled completed first 100 meters in the Blue Hole and after that Jonas and Aly completed two dives together. 125 meters on the 13th and 155 meters on the 15th. The 155 meter dive was conducted @ Bells deep wall and had a run time of 3 hours. The dive was the deepest ever conducted by an Algerian and was in preparation for a 165 meter dive that is going to be conducted in the Med outside Algeria later this year. The team consisted of Aly and Jonas (155m), Aron (deep support), Khaled, Costa and Katherine (shallow support). Thanks to all!

Morad and Khaled completed advanced nitrox followed by Deco Pro and Extended Range with Erik, Hakan and Katy. Today is the first deco dive in Canyons to 40 meters.

Ben and Naomi conducted tech dives with us as well earlier this week and Ben completed full face mask instructor course and Naomi did among other things full face mask intro dive.

Rob and Damian did a few guided tec dives together in various sites (today Canyons) and Anne (last name Blue – how cool is that) is starting Tec40 today with Aron.

So its been a great week with lots and lots of spectacular deep dives. Thanks to all support divers and support crew (esp Salah and Mansour) that made it all possible!!!

Next week: more deep trimix diving… 110-125-140 meters!!!




Kathrine & I a7 -75m: The Arch (Blue Hole, Dahab).

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