Author Topic: Glossary of Rebreather Diving Terms  (Read 1374 times)

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Glossary of Rebreather Diving Terms
« on: January 29, 2015, 03:46:00 PM »

The quick reference list of common rebreather terminology will help readers to understand the technical terms used in rebreather diving.

Common Rebreather Terminology

Automated Diluent Addition Valve (ADV): Valve that automatically adds diluent gas to the breathing loop when collapsed either by water pressure or manual activation
Breathing loop: Includes the DSV (Diver Surface Valve), breathing hoses, counter lungs, head and scrubber assemblies
Bail Out (B/O): A term referring to the need to switch to open circuit in an emergency
Bail Out Cylinder/Gas: the cylinder or gas carried “off board", typically as an open-circuit back-up system
Bail Out Valve (BOV): An open circuit regulator attached to the DSV mouthpiece for the immediate switch to open circuit in the event of a problem
BMCL (Back Mounted Counter Lung): Counter lungs located on the back (may be inside the unit)
Break Through: A term referring to CO2 moving through the scrubber material and not being removed due to over usage or improper usage
Bypass: a term referring to CO2 failing to move through the scrubber material or bypassing it
CCR: Closed Circuit Rebreather
Constant PO2: The partial pressure of oxygen to be used as an electronic set point or manually controlled while diving
Constant PO2 computer: A diving computer that calculates decompression and non-decompression limits while diving with a constant pressure of oxygen given by a CCR
Counter Lung (CL): the flexible bags on the front or rear of the diver or unit to allow the gas to be moved back and forth in the loop
Diluent (DIL): The gas be it air, nitrox, trio, trimix or heliox that acts as the mixing gas to decrease the fraction of oxygen in the breathing loop
Diver Surface Valve (DSV): the mouth piece that holds the mushroom valves to ensure direction of breathing gas flow
Head: The heart of the electronics assembly housing the oxygen monitoring cells and solenoid
Heads Up Display (HUD): A LED display that blinks in a preset series to show partial pressure of oxygen (PO2)
Mixed Gas Bypass Valve/ Bypass Valve: same as an off board addition valve
OTS (Over the Shoulder): A term for a counter lung mounted on the shoulder
Over Pressurization Relief Valve (OPV): A dry suit relief valve on a counter lung to allow for the release of gas or to de-water a unit
Off Board: A gas cylinder not directly attached to the unit
Off Board Addition Valve (OAV/OBV) is a dry suit gas addition valve attached to a counter lung
Oxygen (O2): A metabolic gas necessary for life used in a rebreather to mix the perfect blend of Nitrox for each depth
O2 Cell: The cell used to monitor the PO2 in the unit usually a minimum of 3 cells in a unit
SCR: Semi-Closed Circuit Rebreather
Scrubber: The carbon dioxide (CO2) removal device usually located in the back of the machine
Sorb: The material used for the removal of carbon dioxide (CO2)
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