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SCUBA Diving in Romania – Black Sea

Black Sea – located in the SE of Europe, is a unique environment which despite its name, is quite diving friendly. Well… is not quite a Red Sea or the Mediterranean Sea, but for sure, is beautiful! In the next chapter, I will talk a bit about SCUBA diving in the Romanian Black Sea coast sector with which I am familiar. Other Black Sea coastal areas might have similar or different particularities. Contact a local dive center(s) for collecting the right and up-to-date information.

We are diving the Black Sea all year round. Anyway, the preferred season is beginning summer – half autumn, starting sometime in June and ending sometime beginning of October. With plus/minus.

Weather & winds: Unfortunately, everything is related to the weather, respectively to the wind direction.

In the north part of our coastline is the Danube Delta and everything else is south of it, and with the predominant wind from NE which blows down all the muddy water, the visibility is heavily affected by the weather. Danube Delta is a UNESCO Heritage – a fabulous place to visit, approx 150Km North of Constanta.

When winds blow from the South, clear and cold water is brought from the deep waters of Bosporus, and visibility is greatly increased.

And one more thing… there are no big bays or islands to break down the winds or currents. So… better have your passport in your hands, just in case. Just kidding!

Also, another characteristic of the Black Sea is… is very moody! We need a large window of good weather ahead to go out at sea. Websites as Windguru & Windy are constantly monitored, as well as marine VHF channel 25 for last-minute weather reports. We had dives when the sea status changed even in one hour from flat to choppy.

Visibility: average: 5…8m. Extremes: -0.5 to +20mtrs. 5m is decent and good visibility to enjoy any dive. Black Sea dive!

Water temperature: from +4degC in the winter to +27degC in the summer (surface) with strong thermocline anywhere below -10m…-15m down to 8-10deg C. So in the summertime is very common to have a 15-20deg C difference between surface and bottom.

This requires the diving plan to be well-executed, teamwork and coordination, otherwise overheating in the drysuit is not a good idea.

Warm water comes with lots of plankton and vegetation. Which drops the visibility. Not so friendly for underwater video photographers.

Salinity: Black Sea salinity is very low, almost as freshwater. Excellent for “out of mask” situation 😊and bit less weight ballast 😃 Plus that we use Steel cylinders for backmount, Aluminium cylinders for sidemount.

Wrecks: our area of expertise! We love wrecks, we dive wrecks, we know wrecks inside outside. With +29 years of sea experience, we embedded in our DNA & breathe ships & wrecks!

An excellent description of the Black Sea wrecks accessible in our area can be found here:

Best ones: the warship Russian destroyer Moskva and the two Russian submarines (SC-213 & Malyutka XII).

In some wrecks, penetration is possible, of course, with proper qualification, team & gear. For wreck diving training – You Xiu, Sadu and Paris are offering excellent profiles in depth and complexity.

Depths: from -22m to -45m. We require for all divers to be qualified minimum Advanced Open Water + Basic Nitrox and for some wrecks (over -35… -38m) – a minimum TDI Deco Procedures, ANDI Technical SafeAir Diver L3 or equivalent. This is due to the distance from the safe haven combined with the harsh conditions (thermocline, currents, visibility) as we try to minimize any possible reason for an unwanted event.

Diving insurance: compulsory. If you don’t have a valid one, we can assist you.

Medical fitness: all divers are required to be in a minimum decent physical shape! Overweighted and under influence of alcohol or drugs – not accepted. We do not support smokers therefore, we suggest you refrain from your unhealthy habit for the duration of our activities. The new medical form must be filled up and signed by all participants.

HBOT: in Constanta, we are proud to have a private high-class medical facility with a qualified team, in case of emergency and also, for regular check-ups or specialized medical examinations.

Sealife: quite rich I can say, depending on the season. Sea horses, pipefish, gobies, crabs, jellyfish, all sorts of local fish, even stingrays, and sometimes, dolphins.

Underwater archaeology:

  • Sunken city Tomis: just 150m distance from our dive center. Dive into history! Max depth: -6m to -8m.

Easy dives but very interesting site, good for training and check/try/refresh dive, rich in sea life and history!

  • Callatis: presently Mangalia city, located approx 40Km South of Constanta. Depth: -3m to -9m.

Facility & logistics: we do and/or have:

Diving Boats: we have 3 charter options:

  • One large vessel (up to 25pax) – slow(er) speed, only for coastal diving. Good for large groups, even small parties onboard 😊
  • One diving boat, approx. 15m length, up to 8-10pax, good for offshore diving.

Accommodations and restaurants:  Constanta city is full of hotels, motels & restaurants for all budgets.

Traveling to Constanta:

The main Romanian airport is Otopeni, Bucharest (OTP) – approx. 250kms distance, shuttle (mini) busses/ cars or trains available.

The local airport (international) – Kogalniceanu (CND) – is just 25kms distance from Constanta city.

Train station: approx 3km distance from our location.

To visitHistriaAdamclisi – historical places. Murfatlar is a great place if you like some good wine. Good restaurants in the city with traditional and international cuisine. Rich nightlife in Mamaia Resort, just north of Constanta with a great beach (very recently extended!) with lots of night party clubs.

South of Constanta – a dozen large resorts are offering all kinds of entertaining for day and night visitors.

Museums: Naval Museum, Military Museum, Art Museum “Ion Jalea”, The Museum on National History & Archeology, Mosaic Museum.

Techirghiol – another famous place, very well known for its therapeutical mud!

Covid19: this is as you know, ongoing situation. We try to comply as much as possible or exceed regulation, when possible (including UV lamp in the technical room, for example), but we need to keep eye on the local and international movements as things might change at the last minute

Other diving locations in Romania: caves (Isverna), mines, lakes.

Latest updates: as of April 2021, any recreational diving activity is under surveillance and control of the Romanian Navy Dive Center. Unfortunately, the totalitarian monopoly of a governmental military institution with NO international accreditations, experience, training, standards, or knowledge of any kind of our recreational/technical diving activities is coming with a heavy negative impact on our businesses. At this moment, the APSR (a private NGO of Romanian professional recreational divers) is in discussions with high governmental institutions in order to clarify and establish a professional relationship between recreational/technical divers and other parties.

As such, most of our activity will be temporarily re-design, including for overseas training and activities. Will keep you updated!

For any additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

info [ at ] t101 [ dot ] ro or

info [ at ] scubatech [ dot ] eu

or via Phone/Whatsapp: +40 774 547 323.

Thank you and stay safe!


Adventures & Expeditions General

DAN Europe & Covid19

Due to the in progress medical World Wide situation with SARS-CoV2, we highly recommend you to follow your National Medical & Emergency Agencies recommendations as well as DAN Europe’s:

COVID-19 : Prevention Recommend

ations for our Diving Community

COVID-19 and DAN Europe Membership, Assistance & Insurance

A New Health Declaration Form Sample Addressing C-19 Issues

COVID-19 Emergency

Guide to DAN Europe Training Courses Management | COVID-19_EN

Dive Operations and COVID-19: Prepping for Return

Divers Alert Network – Coronavirus – faq

A new medical screening form, approved by most of the World diving agencies is in place as of now:

*for other languages (26 in total), follow the below link:

Recreational Diving Medical Screening System

For DAN Europe diving insurance (Sport, Professional, Family etc), please follow the below link:

As #COVID19 is a very dynamic topic, please stay up-to-date with the latest information from authorized sources. Stay away from the fake news!

Risk Assessment for SCUBA Divers

applies in #covid19 activities related too.

Corona tracking sources: Johns Hopkins University & Medicine ; Worldmeters Info ; Corona Tracker

Diving After Your #COVID19 #Vaccination: Guidelines by DAN Europe

Dive safe & dive strong!



Last updated: April 2021

General Scuba & Training YachtDiver®

First Response – be prepared for the unexpected & unwanted moments

At T101®, we take safety very seriously and training in First Response is one of our strong points. We offer a wide range of First Response / Firs Aid courses under the highest standards and accreditation of two well known and reputable agencies:

Divers Alert Network Europe & First Response International

The well known Divers Alert Network is involved World Wide for over 30 years in diving insurances, research, training & education, being a point of reference in the entire diving industry (sport & commercial, military etc).

Sport – Professional – Club – Family DAN Europe Insurance

Divers Alert Network Europe: accredited by US Coast Guard, Italian Coast Guard, Finnish Boarder Guard, Italian Red Cross, Italian Carabinieri, Apnea Academy, VIT Germany, WASD Europe, LIFRAS Belgium, NOAA, Association of Diving Contractors International, Swiss Resuscitation Council etc

DAN Europe Basic Life Support
DAN Europe Automated External Defibrillator
DAN Europe Hazardous Marine Life Injuries
DAN Europe First Aid
DAN Europe Oxygen Administration

First Response International is part of the big family


which speak by itself about commitment to high quality standards in training, procedures, safety and modern educational approach.

First Response International: accredited by

US Coast Guard & OSHA

Workplace CPR/AED
Bloodborne Pathogens
Oxygen Administration
Adult & Child Emergency Care

FRTI Online / eLearning

All courses are ILCOR accredited and are also in conformity with Romanian Law 319 / 2006 .

Extra online support (Zoom/Skype), class theory review, practical hands-on with Demo & Real AED – mannequin – medical & DAN Europe O2 kit, written exams & post-course analyzing & debriefing.

*The First Response courses are compulsory for professional sport SCUBA diving instructors and highly recommended for all divers and non-divers (seaman’s, athletes, parents, workers etc).

All certifications are valid for two years after which renewal (refresh course) is required.

In these days, knowing a basic life support / first aid procedures is not a caprice but a real necessity. From an office to a shipyard work, family to outdoor activities, knowing BASIC procedures in providing first aid is extremely important.

T101® is DAN Europe HIRA 2 accredited as Operator & Instructor level.

For inquiries & training, please contact me at:

Stay safe & dive strong!


DAN Europe Instructor #187305

FRTI Instructor #15172

General Scuba & Training

First Personal Doppler in Romania

I consider myself a very dynamic person and diver. My motto is simple: Discipline-Travail-Succès

And so is T101® of which Vision, Mission and Values are focusing for more, better & safer by offering extra top services and experiences:

  • Personalized fitness & nutrition programs
  • Body Composition Scanning (Weight & Body Mass Index, Body Fat Muscle, Resting Metabolic Rate, Visceral Fat) and Blood Pressure test.
  • Providing full first aid kit with Oxygen, SpO2, and (real) Automated External Defibrillator, including for training.
  • First certified HIRA 2 Dive Center from Romania, showing our commitment for safety & quality in our services and operations.
  • Using 30W UV bactericidal lamp – disinfection station in the dive center

Today, T101® took a step further into providing a futuristic safety tool to our divers – we join the team of divers aiming for evolution & revolution in diving safety and we are proud to be the first

dive center in Romania

offering (starting December 2020) personalized Doppler analysis for

Sport, Advanced, CCR & Technical divers!

What means this for you? You can plan your dive (NSR/Deco, Gases, Bottom Time, Run Time, GF, nutrition & hydration, physical effort etc) and execute the plan. After the dive, a series of Doppler measurements are taken and YOUR personal profile is analyzed to see the efficiency of YOUR planning.

Then, we can fine-tuning your next planning (bottom gas, additional deco times, O2 deco, Gradient Factors Low/High) to improve your Quality Index of your dive profile – for less “micro-bubbles” and safer dives!

Divers Alert Network Europe (DAN Europe) presented an extended test performed during their expedition in the Red Sea: “The APOCALIPTRIP: CCR Research Expedition in the Red Sea” and “Advancements in Diving Research: the Personalised Decompression“.

Global Underwater Explorer (GUE), in their high quality blog InDepth, took a deep review of this revolutionary Doppler equipment: “Oh Deco, Oh Doppler, O’Dive: Assessing the World’s First Personal Deco Safety Tool“.

Excited to find out how is your body really dealing with the decompression stress after a dive?

We are thrilling too to share together the future!

Stay tuned & stay alert! You will love it!

T101 is accredited dive center:

Latest updates December 2020: The O’Dive Pro connected service is appointed as Recommended Practice by TOTAL in its October 2020 Diving Safety Flash bulletin.

Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Journal: The study was carried out by the hyperbaric caisson of the Brussels and DAN Military Hospital.The study’s conclusion states:′′ The O ‘ Dive system can help increase diving safety by instantly sensitizing divers to the potential consequences of some types of diving behavior.It was noted that this type of monitoring reinforced divers in their safe diving habits or encouraged them to change their diving planning. We don’t know if it’s a lasting effect.”

DAN Europe Research 2020 presentation (min. 20:26)


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General Scuba & Training

New Diver’s Medical Screening form – 2020

As of July 2020, a new diver’s medical screening form is valid and ready to be used. Available in 19 languages.

The form is an international cooperation between Divers Alert Network, DAN Europe, WRSTC, RSTC , RSTC Europe & UHMS (Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society)

Approved to be used as of now by SDI/TDI, PADI & vast majority of scuba diving agencies.


Air quality monitoring

As of June 2020,

T101-Technical & Diving Ops® Dive Training Center

is offering live air quality monitoring in Constanta city (Casino area) via two independent private networks:


Why air quality is important?

General Scuba & Training

SCUBA diving books to “kill” COVID-19 downtime.

T101 – Technical & Diving Ops® Dive Training Center

Now that the #COVID19 is shutting down the entire diving Planet, here are a list of few books recommended to extend your theoretical knowledge:

Staying Alive by Steve Lewis

The Six Skills and Other Discussions: Creative Solutions for Technical Divers by Steve Lewis

Advanced Wreck Diving Handbook By Gary Gentile

Under pressure – Diving deeper with Human Factors by Gareth Lock

For any diving technical training done together, you’ll get a free “Human Factors Skills in Diving – Micro-class“, compulsory to be completed before ending the theory and practical skills.

Deep Into Deco by Asser Salama

Ocean Gladiator by Mark Ellyatt

Death in number two shaft by Steve Lewis

A compiling of various scuba diving materials can be found here:

T101 Vault Library.

Other internet sources: Blue PO2 Diving (scuba & technical), PADI Blog, Good Reads, Dipndive etc.


Meeting the Deepest Man on Earth.

Herbert goggles

253.2meters. Or 830.8feet. That’s a lot. A lot to walk on land holding your breath. I bet that most of us cannot do it easily.

Well, now imagine to translate the horizontal walk into a vertical descent into the blue… 253.2meters down.

Herbert & Costa
Myself and Herbert

His name is Herbert Nitsch. His holding the title of the World’s Deepest Man on Earth with various No Limit dives: -214m in Spetses, Greece (June 14, 2007 for which is included in the Guinness World Records) & -253.2m in Santorini, Greece (June 06, 2012) using a custom made “yellow submarine” and personalized techniques for equalization. He’s holding another +31 World records in various AIDA disciplines (33WR in total!).

Herbert yellow submarine
Herb’s yellow submarine

In the beginning of September 2019, I had the great pleasure of meeting him a couple of times in the beautiful South of France. We had dinners, long chats about almost everything “diving related”. He is a very friendly, open mind and willing to share his enormous experience in freediving.

Herbert with his custom made goggles
Herbert & his custom made goggles
AIDA 2019

Between September 2nd and 15th 2019, Villefranche (SoF) held the “2019 AID Depth World Championship” and in this occasion, I met another “monster” in freediving: Alexey Molchanov. He got some very good results in this competition!

Herbert - Costa - Alexey
Herbert, myself and Alexey

An autobiographic book with Herbert’s freediving experience will come up sometimes soon, so stay tuned – is going to be very interesting to read and explore the history of freediving! He is now an active conservationist and speaker with worldwide activities.

Herbert t-short signed dedicated to Costa
Herbert’s t-shirt with dedicated signature!

Story written down with great honor & pleasure by yours, Costa

T101-Technical & Diving Ops® Dive Training Center




WreckTek expedition – August 2020

WreckTek expedition

Wreck technical diving week to explore some of the most famous shipwrecks of the Mediterranean Sea and not only.
Due to depths, run times and deco obligations, only Normoxic & Hypoxic Trimix certified divers!
If interested in inside wreck exploration, Advanced Wreck certification is required too!

Wrecks to visit:
Submarine U-455
Super tanker Haven
Steam passenger vessel Calabria
Mine-layer Pelagosa
Submarine hunter UJ2208
and more!

Recreational divers are welcome too but they will be part of a different diving team & planning.

Date: 02-09 of August 2020; might be slightly modified +/- but everything will be posted in advance here (
Accommodation: 3* and 4* hotels or private apartments in the area.
Airport: GOA (Genoa Airport / Christopher Columbus Airport) – 10km from the dive center.
Pick-up/drop off from/to airport can be arranged.
Price/dive: 50 to 100euros/dive (depending on the dive site/run time).

For info & planning, please contact me at:
info [ at ]
info [ at ]

Thank you!



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