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First Response – be prepared for the unexpected & unwanted moments

At T101TDO®, we take safety very seriously and training in First Response is one of our strong points. We offer a wide range of First Response / First Aid courses under the highest standards and accreditation of two well-known and reputable agencies:

Divers Alert Network Europe & First Response International

The well-known Divers Alert Network is involved World Wide for over 30 years in diving insurance, research, training & education, being a point of reference in the entire diving industry (sport & commercial, military, etc).

Sport – Professional – Club – Family DAN Europe Insurance

Divers Alert Network Europe: accredited by the US Coast Guard, Italian Coast Guard, Finnish Boarder Guard, Italian Red Cross, Italian Carabinieri, Apnea Academy, VIT Germany, WASD Europe, LIFRAS Belgium, NOAA, Association of Diving Contractors International, Swiss Resuscitation Council, etc

DAN Europe Basic Life Support
DAN Europe Automated External Defibrillator
DAN Europe Hazardous Marine Life Injuries
DAN Europe First Aid
DAN Europe Oxygen Administration

First Response International is part of the big family


which speak by itself about commitment to high-quality standards in training, procedures, safety, and modern educational approach.

First Response International: accredited by

US Coast Guard & OSHA

Workplace CPR/AED
Bloodborne Pathogens
Oxygen Administration
Adult & Child Emergency Care

FRTI Online / eLearning

All courses are ILCOR accredited and are also in conformity with Romanian Law 319 / 2006 .

Extra online support (Zoom/Skype), class theory review, practical hands-on with Demo & Real AED – mannequin – medical & DAN Europe O2 kit, written exams & post-course analyzing & debriefing.

*The First Response courses are compulsory for professional sport SCUBA diving instructors and highly recommended for all divers and non-divers (seamen, athletes, parents, workers, etc).

All certifications are valid for two years after which renewal (refresh course) is required.

These days, knowing basic life support / first aid procedures is not a caprice but a real necessity. From an office to shipyard work, family to outdoor activities, knowing BASIC procedures in providing first aid is extremely important.

T101TDO® is DAN Europe HIRA 2 accredited, both as Operator & Instructor levels.

For inquiries & training, please contact me at:

Stay safe & dive strong!


DAN Europe Instructor #187305

FRTI Instructor #15172

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