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Diving Insurance

Why & when?

SCUBA diving activity is often classified as “extreme” sport for most of the regular insurers. And mentioned with very small size characters, under some obscure clauses and conditions on the bottom of your contract.

HBOT services are totally “alien” terminology, helicopter evacuations are nightmares and everything which means money “out” from their accounts is avoided as much as possible.

Dedicate and qualified (medical & diving) support? No way!

Which makes overall the regular insurance quite unreliable.

But luckily for us, there are some good insurance players on the SCUBA diving market, focused on quality and fair services.

Divers Alert Network: is a global player, with regional office covering America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Japan & South Africa.

DAN is offering services from dive training and research into diving medicine to specialized diving & traveling insurances, ranging from Sport, Professional & Club to Family, each one with Bronze, Silver & Gold options.

Medical & HBO treatments, hospitalization, evacuation and repatriation, equipment lost, disability & death, legal expenses & travel assistance and more, are covered.

As Business Partner, T101® is offering support in selecting best option for your needs, at no extra costs.

DAN Europe insurance is recommended by PADI.

DiveAssure, is another global solid insurance player, recommended by SDI/TDI/ERDI & SSI.

Is offering:

  • For US residents only: Diving & Non-Diving related Insurance (Gold & Platinum), for a Single-Trip (Standard, Deluxe, Elite) and Multi-Trip (Deluxe);
  • Europe & the rest of the World: Long term or short term Personal Diving Accident Plan (“DiveSafe“) as well as Dive Travel coverage (“Dive&Travel“) to any destination worldwide available for any number of days (up to 180 consecutive days) or a full year. They offer a Liveaboard coverage, including hyperbaric treatments and also trip (Dive&Travel and Dive&Travel Plus) cancellation, trip interruption, missed connection, lost baggage and much more. And COVID19 related issues! And Medical advises too!

 DiveAssure is collaborating with The Duke Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Environmental Physiolog.

As authorized dealer, T101® is assisting you in choosing your best insurance (DAN Europe or DiveAssure) option for you, at no extra cost for your final purchase (What You See Is What You Get).


  • The yearly cost for a SCUBA diving insurance it can be considered peanuts if you divide the insurance price per 365 days/year. One week-end evening outside (bar or restaurant) and you may spent even more than an annual scuba diving insurance!
  • A helicopter evacuation in some remote areas can easily go up to USD20K! (I witness a real story).
  • HBOT sessions only can go easily anywhere between 400-600euros/session (Again, I witness a real story).
  • In order to keep your insurance valid, know your Liability Coverage & dive within your certification limits!!!

There are many other global and local players in the diving industry market. Analyze and compare carefully and chose one which you think it might fit best for you, but never ever dive without a valid one.

Even if holding the most expensive insurance, it is strongly & highly recommended to always follow the best practices in diving and to adhere to DAN Europe recommendations & safety rules and/or local/national safety recommendations & regulations.

Safety First, Safety Always.

Stay safe!


Adventures & Expeditions General

DAN Europe & Covid19

Due to the in progress medical World Wide situation with SARS-CoV2, we highly recommend you to follow your National Medical & Emergency Agencies recommendations as well as DAN Europe’s:

COVID-19 : Prevention Recommend

ations for our Diving Community

COVID-19 and DAN Europe Membership, Assistance & Insurance

A New Health Declaration Form Sample Addressing C-19 Issues

COVID-19 Emergency

Guide to DAN Europe Training Courses Management | COVID-19_EN

Dive Operations and COVID-19: Prepping for Return

Divers Alert Network – Coronavirus – faq

A new medical screening form, approved by most of the World diving agencies is in place as of now:

*for other languages (26 in total), follow the below link:

Recreational Diving Medical Screening System

For DAN Europe diving insurance (Sport, Professional, Family etc), please follow the below link:

As #COVID19 is a very dynamic topic, please stay up-to-date with the latest information from authorized sources. Stay away from the fake news!

Risk Assessment for SCUBA Divers

applies in #covid19 activities related too.

Corona tracking sources: Johns Hopkins University & Medicine ; Worldmeters Info ; Corona Tracker

Diving After Your #COVID19 #Vaccination: Guidelines by DAN Europe

Dive safe & dive strong!



Last updated: April 2021

General Scuba & Training YachtDiver®

First Response – be prepared for the unexpected & unwanted moments

At T101®, we take safety very seriously and training in First Response is one of our strong points. We offer a wide range of First Response / Firs Aid courses under the highest standards and accreditation of two well known and reputable agencies:

Divers Alert Network Europe & First Response International

The well known Divers Alert Network is involved World Wide for over 30 years in diving insurances, research, training & education, being a point of reference in the entire diving industry (sport & commercial, military etc).

Sport – Professional – Club – Family DAN Europe Insurance

Divers Alert Network Europe: accredited by US Coast Guard, Italian Coast Guard, Finnish Boarder Guard, Italian Red Cross, Italian Carabinieri, Apnea Academy, VIT Germany, WASD Europe, LIFRAS Belgium, NOAA, Association of Diving Contractors International, Swiss Resuscitation Council etc

DAN Europe Basic Life Support
DAN Europe Automated External Defibrillator
DAN Europe Hazardous Marine Life Injuries
DAN Europe First Aid
DAN Europe Oxygen Administration

First Response International is part of the big family


which speak by itself about commitment to high quality standards in training, procedures, safety and modern educational approach.

First Response International: accredited by

US Coast Guard & OSHA

Workplace CPR/AED
Bloodborne Pathogens
Oxygen Administration
Adult & Child Emergency Care

FRTI Online / eLearning

All courses are ILCOR accredited and are also in conformity with Romanian Law 319 / 2006 .

Extra online support (Zoom/Skype), class theory review, practical hands-on with Demo & Real AED – mannequin – medical & DAN Europe O2 kit, written exams & post-course analyzing & debriefing.

*The First Response courses are compulsory for professional sport SCUBA diving instructors and highly recommended for all divers and non-divers (seaman’s, athletes, parents, workers etc).

All certifications are valid for two years after which renewal (refresh course) is required.

In these days, knowing a basic life support / first aid procedures is not a caprice but a real necessity. From an office to a shipyard work, family to outdoor activities, knowing BASIC procedures in providing first aid is extremely important.

T101® is DAN Europe HIRA 2 accredited as Operator & Instructor level.

For inquiries & training, please contact me at:

Stay safe & dive strong!


DAN Europe Instructor #187305

FRTI Instructor #15172

General Scuba & Training

New Diver’s Medical Screening form – 2020

As of July 2020, a new diver’s medical screening form is valid and ready to be used. Available in 19 languages.

The form is an international cooperation between Divers Alert Network, DAN Europe, WRSTC, RSTC , RSTC Europe & UHMS (Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society)

Approved to be used as of now by SDI/TDI, PADI & vast majority of scuba diving agencies.

Scuba & Training

Un curs de prim ajutor…

Acum cateva saptamani in urma, am participat la un curs de prim ajutor, gratuit, organizat de catre o institutie din Constanta. Cu toate ca sunt instructor certificat EFR & DAN Europe, am vrut sa-mi reimprospatez informatia si sa vad si un alt punct de vedere, cursul fiind prezentat de catre personalul SMURD.

Nota: opinia prezenta este personala si nu implica nici una dintre partile mentionate.

Organizarea cursului a fost bine structurata si prezentata de catre cadrul activ SMURD Constanta. Prezenta a fost destul de numeroasa, undeva la 30 de persoane. Din pacate, majoritatea era mereu cu ochii pe ceas, interesul fiind probabil pentru certificatul de absolvire si mai putin pentru informatia prezentata.

S-au atins in detaliu procedurile de acordare a primului ajutor, in special a masajului cardio-respirator, atat la adulti cat si la copii precum si ajutorul secundar (electrocutari, inec etc).

Nu s-a discutat insa deloc despre folosirea echipamentelor automate de defibrilatie (Automated External Defibrilator sau Defibrilator Extern Automat) si despre administrarea oxygenului. (DEA incep sa fie din ce in ce mai prezente in spatiile publice aglomerate: aeroporturi, gari etc).

Cursul de baza SMURD a durat aproximativ 5 ore. Cursurile de voluntariat SMURD sunt insa mult mai complexe si depasesc cu mult nivelul de baza deoarece includ un numar foarte mare de ore de teorie si practica reala pe autospeciale SMURD.

Pentru comparatie, un curs de prim ajutor (Emergency First Response sau Basic Life Support & First Aid – DAN Europe) contra cost, dureaza intre 8 si 10h si include primul ajutor (CPR) si ajutorul secundar (First Aid) in diverse situatii (electrocutari, arsuri, fracturi, inec etc), utilizarea defibrilatorului extern automat (demo cu simulari pe manechin) si acordarea primului ajutor folosind oxigenul. Sunt incluse materiale video detaliate si manuale (in format pdf) precum si teste finale. Numarul de participanti este restrans pentru o mai buna distributie a informatiei teoretice si practice.

Toate cursurile sunt in concordanta cu recomandarile ILCOR, ambele agentii (EFR & DAN Europe) fiind recunoscute de institutii internationale de renume: US Coast Guard, Italian Coast Guard, Finnish Boarder Guard, NOAA, ADC, Carabinieri, International Yacht Training, New Zealand Qualifications Authority, Korean Body Guard Martial Arts Association, National Academy of Sports Medicine US, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, American Council on Exercise etc. De asemenea cursurile EFR & DAN Europe sunt recunoscute si acceptate de catre agentiile certificatoare in domenul scufundarilor sportive (pentru nivelele profesionale Divemaster si superior – sunt obligatorii).

Alte cursuri disponibile sunt: Oxigen First Aid for Scuba Diving Injuries  & First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life Injuries (lista este insa mai extinsa).

Cursul mai sus mentionat a fost interesant, util dar din pacate, incomplet. De asemenea, numarul mare de participanti face imposibila distribuirea calitativa a informatiei fiecarui participant in parte. Evident, cantitatea si calitatea informationala detinuta de personalul SMURD este impresionanta, cu mult peste ceea ce poate asimila in cateva ore o persoana obisnuita, neimplicata in activitate de prim ajutor sau medicala!

Cursurile EFR & DAN Europe sunt valabile 2 ani de zile dupa care se recomanda refacerea lor din cel putin doua motive: 1) regulat apar modificari in practicile recomandate si 2) ca personal non-profesional, lipsa practicii regulate duce la diluarea/pierderea informatiei asimilate anterior. Personalul paramedic efectueaza aceste reimprospatari mult mai des si mai intens in baze special amenajate.

Nu lasa evenimentele neplacute sa te prinda nepregatit, indiferent ca esti la locul de munca, pe strada sau acasa!


112 – apelul de urgenta national si european

113 – apelul unic de urgenta national pentru persoanele cu dizabilitati de auz.


ANDI Instructor Trainer #170

DAN Europe Instructor #187305 & EFR Instructor #976872.

T101 – Technical & Diving Ops® Dive Center / Centru Scafandri



Asigurari de Scufundari – Diving Insurances – Seguros de Buceo – Tauchversicherungen



Urmatoarele asigurari de scufundari pentru scafandri, familiile lor si calatorii sunt disponibile (click pe photo pentru link):

The following diving insurances for divers, their families and travels are available (click on photo for link):

Los siguiente seguros de buceo para los buceadores, sus familias y viajes están disponibles (haga clic en la foto para el enlace):


Divers Alert Network Europe:

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