Sjuru – Asmat (Indonesia, West Papua)

A fabulous expedition into the asmat people territories. Ex-headhunters (until 1950’s), they showed us some of their tradition regarding the canoe ceremony.

As part of the Zegrahm Expeditions Staff, I had the opportunity to record and edit this video in HD. Enjoyable viewing!

March 21, 2013.



Raja Ampat (near Kri Island), Indonesia – scuba diving.

Raja Ampat (near Kri Island), Indonesia – March 15, 2013

A superb dive with lots of fish and corals.

Max. depth: -20mtrs, water temperature: +29degC.

With Zegrahm Expeditions (as Staff – Divemaster) on bord expedition cruise ship Clipper Odyssey.

Aiduma Island, West Papua

March 19, 2013 – a fabulous scuba diving experience at Aiduma Island, West Papua.

The words are not enough to describe the underwater beauty.

Enjoy the 8 minutes video of underwater freedom!


Video taken during the “Best of Indonesia II – Manado to Port Moresby” cruise, 11th to 26th of March, 2013.