Sjuru – Asmat (Indonesia, West Papua)

A fabulous expedition into the asmat people territories. Ex-headhunters (until 1950’s), they showed us some of their tradition regarding the canoe ceremony.

As part of the Zegrahm Expeditions Staff, I had the opportunity to record and edit this video in HD. Enjoyable viewing!

March 21, 2013.



Raja Ampat (near Kri Island), Indonesia – scuba diving.

Raja Ampat (near Kri Island), Indonesia – March 15, 2013

A superb dive with lots of fish and corals.

Max. depth: -20mtrs, water temperature: +29degC.

With Zegrahm Expeditions (as Staff – Divemaster) on bord expedition cruise ship Clipper Odyssey.

Aiduma Island, West Papua

March 19, 2013 – a fabulous scuba diving experience at Aiduma Island, West Papua.

The words are not enough to describe the underwater beauty.

Enjoy the 8 minutes video of underwater freedom!


Video taken during the “Best of Indonesia II – Manado to Port Moresby” cruise, 11th to 26th of March, 2013.

Program de recompensare 2013!

Pentru fiecare 10 euro cheltuiti pe un curs de scuba (Rec, Tec sau prim ajutor), primesti 1 punct care valoreaza 0.5euro. Poti acumula puncte si obtine reducere din urmatorul curs (sau cursuri).

Oferta este valabila de pe data de 01 Ianuarie 2013 pana pe data de 31 Decembrie 2013.

Ape linistite!

Reward point program 2013 - OmnisMares-T101